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Indie Games, What's The Big Idea?

What can I tell you about indie game development that you don’t already know?

Well, did you know that the indie game industry is worth an estimated £3.5 billion and growing every year?

And that's not just because of the huge hit games like "Celeste" or "Dead Cells".

Nope, indie is about so much more than just creating a hit game.

You see, indie game development is all about the freedom to experiment and try new things. Unlike big game studios, indie developers have the flexibility to create games that are truly unique and tell stories that might not appeal to the masses.

It's about taking risks and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the gaming world.

And let me tell you, creating an indie game is no walk in the park. These developers wear multiple hats, taking on tasks that would normally be handled by a big team.

But, man, the end result is worth it.

You end up with a game that's 100% yours, a reflection of your own vision and passion. And that's pretty cool if you ask me.

And we can’t ignore the tight-knit community of indie game developers which is something so very special.

They support each other, share resources, and help bring each other's visions to life. It's a collaborative and supportive environment that you just don't see in many other industries, and certainly not to the same level.

But the real magic of indie games is the stories they tell.

With the big studios often focused on mass appeal, indie developers have the freedom to address important social issues, promote diversity, and offer new perspectives on the world.

It's a platform for underrepresented voices, and that's something truly special.

So, if you ask me, indie game development is about so much more than just creating a hit game.

As narrative writer Leigh Alexander once said, "Games are a form of activism. They have the power to change the world.

If you’ve got this far and want to be part of the indie space, I have somewhere for you to start, we created and its discord community just for you.

So why not come join the nearly 3000 other indie game devs and start your journey today?


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