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Should You Start Your Own Indie Studio?

In light of recent layoffs in the games industry, I've noticed a surge of individuals expressing their intentions to venture into the world of independent game development.

This is undeniably a positive shift for our industry, potentially leading to increased interest and support in terms of funding and resources.

However, it's crucial to approach this journey with a realistic perspective. While the prospect of going indie is exciting, it's essential to acknowledge that it entails a whole new skill set.

You'll find yourself not just creating games, but also managing a business, overseeing projects, and leading a team.

The weight of responsibility extends beyond your own endeavours; you'll be impacting the lives and careers of others.

I'm here to extend my hand in support and mentorship to those who are committed to this path.

Having navigated this journey myself, I'm more than willing to share the knowledge I've gained.

But before you take the leap, I encourage you to invest time in thorough research.

Going indie isn't necessarily easier, but with the right preparation and dedication, it can be immensely rewarding.

Let's ensure that every aspiring indie developer has the tools and understanding they need to thrive in this vibrant and dynamic industry.

Together, we can build a community that flourishes through thoughtful guidance and shared experiences. 🚀💡

If you want my help and support, you can start here, with my blog, and I’m always open to chat if you want to drop me a DM on LinkedIn.



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