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Freelance Game Dev - Pitching + Rates

Recently, I was inspired by a dear friend Leonie Schliesing, to dive into the world of freelance project quoting, and I've got some golden nuggets to share with you all. 💼

Freelancing isn't just about the craft, it's also about smart business decisions. Here are some valuable tips to consider when navigating the world of freelance game development:

📊 Know Your Worth: Determine your day rate based on your skillset and experience level (junior/mid/senior). Understanding your value in the market is key to setting a fair price.

💰 Cover Your Costs: It's important to calculate what you need to sustain your desired lifestyle. Factor in living expenses, savings, and the occasional treat to keep your motivation high.

🍽️ Client Diet Strategy: Think of your clients as a balanced diet. Mix it up with well-paying corporate gigs, regular SME projects, and tasks that may not pay well but you're passionate about. Don't forget those projects that might be unpaid or low-paid, but have the potential to showcase your skills, to a wider or new audience, and attract future clients.

📈 Pricing Progression: Keep a small and big client price list handy. Once or even twice a year, with one of the new clients, raise your prices… If the new rate gets accepted, congratulations, you've just upgraded your price point!

If not, no worries, be open to adjustments and give it another shot.

🚀 The Power of Incremental Growth: Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Your journey as a freelancer is about consistent progress. Gradually pushing your boundaries and learning from every experience will eventually lead you to a successful and fulfilling career.

So, fellow game devs, embrace these tips, set your sights high, and keep evolving. Here's to quoting smarter, landing bigger, and leveling up in the freelance game! 🎉🚀


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