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Release Of The Vision Pro

A little while back I had this to say on the release of the Vision Pro, for a article, what are your thoughts?… read here or see the full article (link below).

“Apple's announcement of the Vision Pro appears to be a significant step forward in terms of technology and innovation. Its features, such as an infinite canvas, spatial audio, and a 3D camera, aim to transform the user experience across various applications and activities. Whether it is the "iPhone moment" some expected, well, it's important to note that the iPhone revolutionised the smartphone industry with its multi-touch interface and App Store ecosystem. The Vision Pro, on the other hand, seems to focus more on enhancing the immersive experience and productivity rather than being a groundbreaking shift in the same way the iPhone was. So while the Vision Pro is a notable product, it may not have the same disruptive impact as the iPhone!

For gamers, the Vision Pro could potentially offer an enhanced experience due to its spatial audio, larger display, and 3D camera capabilities. These features can provide a more immersive and engaging gameplay environment. However, the success of the Vision Pro in the gaming industry will depend on factors such as developer support, the availability of optimised games, and how well it competes with existing gaming platforms.

The high price point of the Vision Pro makes it challenging to determine whether it aligns with predictions or what price would encourage mass adoption. People pay premium prices for Apple products after all.

Ultimately, the success and impact of Vision Pro will be determined by how well it resonates with consumers, the adoption rate, and the ecosystem that develops around it.”


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