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The whole ethos behind what I do is that because I had this struggle to find my feet initially, in the industry, I wanted to make that easier for other people. So that's what I do. 
- Stuart De Ville



Stuart De Ville is a UK-based game developer, artist, and director of indie studio Fribbly Games.


He is also a co-founder of GameDev London and an avid mentor, helping others create motivating and creative workspaces.

Stuart has a 20+ year career in the creative media industry, having designed and built sets for theatre and events, created motion graphics and idents, and crafted digital marketing videos and branding for companies.


He has illustrated for published books and designed editorial layouts for magazines. He has also collaborated on fine art projects in Berlin, Paris, and London.

For the past 10 years, Stuart has focused on game design, development, and 3D art. He has modelled and animated characters, created environments, and designed games from concept to production.


He has managed a team working on a title for console and co-founded GameDev London, a community support entity for aspiring game developers. Stuart regularly discusses game development on the GDL podcast.

In 2022, Stuart established Fribbly Games with the aim of creating entertaining and innovative experiences that connect people through wild and wonderful stories. His passion, motivation, and confident leadership are contagious and have helped him build a strong community of like-minded individuals.


Stuart is a versatile and creative professional who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. He is dedicated to supporting and mentoring others in the field, and his commitment to creating innovative and engaging experiences has garnered him a reputation as a leading figure in the UK games development scene.


Stuart started his journey into game development with this little gem of a mobile game.

Winona Wolf was a simple endless runner, that grew to

be a little more complex!

With two game modes, and

a pets and garden upgrade mini game!

Hello Winona.png

During the lockdown, Stuart felt compelled to help out the NHS in any way he could.

And as making games was

his thing, he decided that would be the best way to help!

He found collaborator

The Animation Guys, a London-based animation studio, and got to work producing NHZOOM.


Games & Studio

Fribbly Profile Banner General.png

Fribbly Games was established in 2022 with Stuart's plans to craft entertaining and innovative experiences.

The goal is to bring something new to the world, to create experiences that connect people and to share wild and wonderful stories. 


As Violet enters the house, she begins to have mysterious visions hinting at a wider mystery hidden amongst the eclectic collection of trinkets, books, and knick-knacks, including traces of the home’s previous residents and where they might have disappeared to.


Armed with some simple spells and a potion-making cauldron, Violet must uncover the secrets of the property and learn about the meaning behind her visions.


Stuart regularly speaks at events and hosts the Game Dev London Podcast


Stuart on The Extrology Podcast

The multi-faceted business of game development has seen an ever-growing presence in the spotlight in recent years, especially in lieu of an increasing range of free, open source development tools. At a time where blockbuster studios claim the lion’s share of the industry’s worth - upwards of $77bn for mobile gaming alone!


Sharing his experience as a creative leader in game design, fine art, book illustration, graffiti art and Founder of Game Dev London, Stuart explains how he directs a varied creative team to achieve a vision, the low barriers to entry for budding game developers, and boldly taking the first steps to working for yourself.

Stuart on
Ubisoft gTV

185,135 views Feb 3, 2022

From Final Fantasy VII, to Mass Effect to Skyrim, role-playing games offer some of the most enriching and immersive gameplay and stories in all of gaming. Inel Tomlinson discusses the greatest RPGS ever with the Co-founder of Game Dev London, Stuart DeVille, Twitch Ambassador Chocolate Kieran and comedian Aurie Styla.

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